Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I've not fallen off the face of the earth....

I've just been pre-occupied with my TRI training... and I have been creating art and doing some wonderful things in my condo so check back after Sunday and I'll get back on track with consistent updates and a few new things (think tutorials...!!!) ; )

...scatter joy...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I must be an artist!

.... two words.... art studio.  For me, it conjurs up so many things.... one of the biggest being, you must be an artist to have a studio.... and/or have money... and be making money from your art.... and... and... and... all these very limiting 'rule' i had created in my head.....

About a year or so ago I was have an ongoing email exchange with my friend D-.... she casually mentioned that we should go to her art studio and create some fabulousness together... and she continued discussing all the different things we could create.... but I wasn't listening.... I was still mesmerized by her mentioning her 'art studio'....

'art studio' i thought..... but she's a struggling grad student..... how can she have an art studio???? now, don't get me wrong... D is an artist through and through.... and her grad degree is a master of fine arts.... but still... it didn't quite fit the rules I'd created about having an art studio....

And so i placed it out in the universe.... 'i will have an art studio'.....

Fast forward to last weekend.... I was doing my typical round of procrastinating and thought I'd google 'art studio for rent chicago'..... multiple and various things popped up and i eventually found my way to an exciting discovery... there was a listing for a studio for rent not even 4 blocks away from where I live.

now for those of you who know me personally, you know that 1) I do not live in the 'artsy' part of town (wish I did, but that's a different intention) and 2) my space is very small and I long for just one more room where I could not only house all my art (and craft) but actually have a space to create in....

and so I spoke with the owner... made arrangements to view over the weekend while I was home .... all the while, of course, envisioning it as my own (even though I didn't know what it actually looked like yet)....

it is now mine.  it is my perfect place to begin... my perfect 1st studio..... the next step to 'awakening the artist'....!

I'll send pics as I begin to fill my space with supplies and artistic endeavors..... !

What are some of your self-limiting beliefs?  Are they real or imagined?  What would happen if you reframed your beliefs?

...scatter joy...

Monday, June 7, 2010


This was a really fun swap!  The challenge... create a piece of art the size of a postcard.... any medium, style, subject.... THEN hang it outside to 'weather' for a week... bring it in, let it dry if neccesary and then send it off 'naked' through the mail....

We created two and sent them out into the world. 

what color would your art be?

...scatter joy...

Monday, May 24, 2010

artist at work

I have a couple larger projects I'm working on... they are taking longer than mere hours which is different for me.  I am working on my submission for My Art is Love (see link on the left side of page), as well as a journal page entry for a swap I'm in on the Milliande Art Community for Women. 

I'm also making a few tote bags with some gorgeous fabrics I have and handmade invitations....   ; ) 

Baxter is most often by my side keeping me company but sometimes Bax gets so tired he falls asleep before he makes it all the way into his bed....

Be patient... some deliciousness is on its way!

What has been holding your attention lately?

...scatter joy...

Monday, May 17, 2010

trash to treasure

Our task: create a bookmark from items destined for the trash or recycling....  it's a salvaged goods bookmark. 

For the front I used a discarded paper I had used as a paint pallet and added a piece of a paper coffee cozy, some plastic that came as extraneous packaging, scraps of craft paper, old foil, & an old coil.  To which I added scraps of ribbon with attached charms.

On the back I added some fun sentences from a rescued book.

This was a fast, fun project .... I LOVE functional art. 

What have you re-purposed recently?

...scatter joy...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Creative Journaling Kit

One of the things I truly love to do is give gifts.... there is a fantastic pleasure in giving with joy something that you think the person will truly love.  I recently took part in a swap that was to pull together a Creative Journaling Kit.  We did not need to include the journal, just items to make the journaling fun... and we needed to make it something that could be transportable.... 

I chose to go with the colors listed in my partner's profile... she mentioned she loved black and white with punches of teal.  I took that into the contents as well.... I hope she loves receiving it as much as I loved creating it.

The container: A cigar-like box purchased from Michaels... used scrapbook papers to cover the front and sides... painted the edges and inside lid teal.

Inside the box: journal prompts (on the lid), pens, pencils, watercolors, squirt bottle, tags, paper ribbon, stamps, stamp pad, tape roller, scrapbook papers in shade of grey, white, teal, alphabet rub ons and probably a few other things I can't remember... lol

The key to journaling is having things readily available... gather your own kit together... make it easy to write/paint/sketch your story.

What is your 'must have' in your journaling kit?

...scatter joy...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

word art

You know I love me some word art... this site, allows you to take any word or phrase, choose the shape and color and then they mash it up for you.... check it out!

What color are your words?

...scatter joy...

Friday, May 7, 2010

aLtEReD ArT!

Here is my first attempt at an altered art doll.  The parameters were to use as many 'found' objects as possible, and paper, pens, paint, pencils and tape were not allowed.  We had to use a minimum of 10 different objects, meaning if we used 10 of one thing (like buttons) that would only count as 1 item.  Per usual, I had no idea what I was doing... lol... do you see a theme with me?

Attaching metal to metal was my biggest challenge... I initially tried liquid nails and even clamped it, but it didn't hold.  Next I tried an epoxy.  That worked well (at least well enough for it to hold together through the mail.)  A friend suggested I sand it a bit to add some 'grip' so I think that definitely helped.

This was a very fun project for me because I tend to see facial images in EVERYTHING so it's simply a matter of filling in what my mind's eye sees.  And I love repurposing items... and making something out of 'trash' or junk.

The more I look at her, the more pleased I am... perhaps I've found an Etsy item for my empty shop???

If you had your own shop, what kind of shop would it be?

...scatter joy...

Monday, May 3, 2010

Everything Old is New Again...

Isn't she lovely... isn't she won-der-full? (I've been listening to vintage stevie wonder... lol) 

Found this fabulous beauty a while
back when a friend introduced me to one of my new faves, Kouk's.  It's a quirky little antique shop that is also a coffee shop.

It serves as a place to store more of my books and does nicely in tying my love of old with my love of something contemporary.

And of course it goes without saying, I adore the color!
And Baxter loves it, too.

...scatter joy...


Friday, April 30, 2010


On a recent antiquing adventure with friendsI found this great package of beer coasters.  The owner of the store was keen on telling me that she thought they might be extra special because she doesn't think that particular brand is still brewed (I think that it is... lol... but it doesn't matter either way) because all I could see when I saw the stack were canvases for zentangles... these coasters measure 3 1/2  x 3 1/2 which is the zentangle 'standard' size (although they are most definitely done on ALL sizes on all manners of canvas!)  I can hardly wait to get started...!

what's your best 'score' lately?

...scatter joy...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

hope, believe, create

I recently did a series inspired by the phrase 'manifesting kindness'.  The goal was to create 3 pieces of positivity and send it out in the world.

I wanted to create cards that were linked...I liked the idea of 3 pieces that were similar but different.

I love inspirational cards... I collect inspirational card decks.  Maybe one day I'll create an entire deck that speaks to the soul.  

I started with 3 playing cards, gesso and paint.  I added layers of old book pages and more paint.  Then I began adding another layer which included stamped words and images, metal on which I embossed, wire, and metal word charms.  I think I am finally getting an understanding of mixed media and collage.  I'm excited to continue the education of lindy!

What makes your soul sing?

...scatter joy...

Monday, April 26, 2010


This tangle was done with a dark blue micron on water color paper.

And, as usual, when I was done it looked like something to me... so this one is a warrior mask.

What do you see?

Interesting that it looks like a warrior to me... does this mean I feel I'm at war? or preparing for battle... ? or simply protecting myself??? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. lol.

What does your armor look like?

...scatter joy...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Funky Bird Part II

Here is the REAL funky bird.... I didn't set out to draw a bird, but after I was done that's what it looked like to me... do you see it??

What does YOUR funky bird look like?

... scatter joy...

Monday, April 19, 2010

funky bird

I was home this past week... Bax was by my side keeping me company, soothing my soul... and one of the cutest things he did...?  After it got to be a little late (well, let's face it, a LOT late) he would come over to me, stretch to reach me with his paws and ask to go to bed... seriously cute.        I would ask him if he wanted to go to bed and he'd scamper to the kitchen to grab a baby carrot (his bedtime snack) and run back to the bedroom and get into position so I could say, 'one, two, three, UP' as I lifted and helped him fly through the air onto the bed.  I love that boy.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


This was another from the set of 7 private swap...I was experimenting (well they are all sort of experiements, aren't they?)

And I'm getting ready to take on a new challenge with my art soon.  I have long been an admirer of all things 'altered' and find the layers and layers of textures, colors, words fascinating... so I'm going to teach myself that technique and see what happens.

Oh and I read something on a blog I recently stumbled upon and found it an interesting perspective:  The difference between art and craft is with craft you have a step by step process you follow to recreate the original and art is where you take that process and then MAKE IT YOUR OWN. 

Have you hugged your inner artist today? AND have you told that inner critic to shut the #%!$ up??!?

...scatter joy...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Childhood Board Games

My family was a game playing family... we loved cards, board games, & sports... and one of my all-time favorite games is Monopoly.

Of course I just had to join the swap that was an ATC to interpret your favorite board game.

chalks, pencils, & ink on watercolor paper

What is your favorite board game?

...scatter joy...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

city life

Today's tangle was part of a series for a private swap... I started with straight rectangular boxes, and after I was done it looked like buildings in a city to me.
What excites you more... the allure and buzz of the bright lights or the serenity of the country?

...scatter joy...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

take a slice

This ATC was part of the series I did in the private swap.  Zentangling doesn't always necessarily start out as being anything.... but often times when I'm done I see something in the lines and squiggles.... this one reminded me of different pizza slices.... then again, perhaps I was just hungry....

and it's always amazing how different art looks simply but turning a piece on its side...

What do you see?

...scatter joy...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Breast Cancer Stamp

Here is my version of the Breast Cancer Stamp.  It's standard ATC size done on watercolor paper in ink, chalk, and pencil.

What is your favorite postage stamp?

...scatter joy...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Bookmark Tangle

You know I love me some zentangling.... ; )  so..... for this swap we had to do a bookmark.  I really liked how this turned out.... I wasn't sure at first because generally I keep my tangles in a smaller space but I took my time and didn't rush.... just went about it as I felt like it.  I used sepia toned pens on water color paper, charcoal for shading; the person I was creating this for loves all things vintage.  I had some great paper I used for the backing, too, that was an interpretation of an old pattern in blues and beiges...

tell you a secret??? i almost kept this one for me..... *giggle*

what do you use for a bookmark?

...scatter joy...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Take a bite...

Yes... I'm obsessed... obsessed with enjoying my food while making my beautiful body as healthy as I can.... (see post below this one for one of my fave breakfast smoothies!).... so much so that I've gone and done something some might think is crazy.... I signed up for my first ever triathlon!!!! OH YES I DID!!! AND.... I started a blog called Tri-umphantly to journal my journey to the center of ME!!!!  If you are a fan of fitness or looking for a different approach or simply want to cheer me on (cuz hey, we can ALL use cheering ON!!!) then please click on the link and follow along.... glad to have you!

Enough about that part of me... on to my obsession with whole food fabulous and making ART!  So this piece was part of a set of 7 different ATCs that I did on a personal trade with someone from Swap-Bot.  She was doing zentangles of letters A-G for me and I had free reign... so I tried to do some fun things for her.  This one came about because she mentioned she liked to collect postage stamps and I had this great one from New Zealand.... and of course one of my very fave foods is from there.... I wonder if it's the color or the fact that it is one of the most nutrient-rich foods you can fuel yourself with that has my heart.....?!?

In case you can't decipher my sketches.... these are kiwi.  What a cute name... kiwi....!!! This is chalk, ink, pencil on watercolor paper... oh and let's not forget the ephemera....

What's the last thing you sketched?

...scatter joy...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring has SpRunG!

I hosted my first swap.... it was part of the newfangled zentagles group I belong to... this group encourages experimentation (in general, tangles are black ink on white/cream background).... this one is not...

I used watercolors, chalks, inks on water color paper

Today's nod to the celebration of crafts is a nod to my love of textiles..... and a further nod to organics as well as modern prints... I just stumbled upon this site and can't wait to place an order... I have no idea what I'm going to make, but right now that doesn't seem to matter.... ; )  Check out Daisy Janie at

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Zentangle... circles.... bounce.... a recent swap challenged us to interpret a zentangle ATC with a single or multiple circles.... 

I took it literally....

And today's craft moment:  a very cool zippered pouch with reverse applique.... zippered pouches are a huge fave of mine... maybe it's because I seem to have so many bits and bobs flying about and this helps to reign them in...

check it out

Have you zentangled yet?

...scatter joy...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Motivational Movement

By now you probably know about 'Awaken the Artist' (and just in case you don't... it's my theme for 2010!).... but what you may not know is another signifcant part of my life is choosing a life of health.  So guess how excited I was when I found out that I am able to work out at a local gym as part of my client's employee wellness program.... so I went and signed up tonight..... a couple of the very very cool features: access to the gym 24/7, access to any of their clubs any where, and there is a club basically across the street from the hotel, AND.... the personal trainers package deals are beyond affordable..... !  

I can't wait... I've been working out at the hotel, which has been 'ok' but the eliptical here skips (which kinda defeats the and there isn't much in the way of strength training, so wooHOO!!!! Just another reason why I LOVE working on this project... ; )  

See ya at the gym!

Today's craft moment:  This very cool blog has something for everyone... check it out!

What are your fave workout shoes?

...scatter joy...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

envie envy

Trading these fabulous miniature works of art (ATCs) has been so fun for so many reasons... one of which is the discovery of mini envelopes to send them in.... (I know, it's the little things in life that gives me such pleasure!)  I've received some very cool envies and finally I took one apart to use as a template.  You could use any kind of paper, really... scrapbook paper, wrapping paper.... I had a couple Paper-Source catalogs on hand that I thought would be fun to turn into envelopes...

I'm going to work on making a template to share with you, but in the meantime here are the photos.... (and you can always make any size envies... just think of it as wrapping a package.  Tape runners (or 2 way tape) works wonderfully well.


folded piece before taping:

new life as an envie:

envies a plenty:

and today's craft moment.... the Paper-Source blog is full of ideas and links to templates!
what color is your envelope?

...scatter joy...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Eat your Green....

A recent swap had us creating ATCs that were GReeN... at least 80% had to be green aka 'most' .... and knowing how much I love green, you know I just had to sign up... but what to do... what to illustrate.... ???

Well my fave veg and my fave fruit, of course..... juicy and delicious...  I used chalk, watercolor, and pen on watercolor paper.

Today's craft of the more inspirational sites I follow... johnnie's work has a wonderfully positive energy...  I'm so glad I found her site...!

fave fruit? fave veggie?

...scatter joy...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Once upon a time...

there was a girl and she liked being a girl very much because being a girl rocks it out and so she made it her goal to eradicate (big word for small blog) the use of 'like a girl' as being a negative and instead used it as a statement for being or doing your best...!  ride like a girl..... run like a girl.... play like a girl.... cry like a girl (cuz let's face it.... crying is NOT a bad thing!)....

today's craft moment.... hey... CRAFT like a GIRL!!!!! wooHOO.... anyway.... today's craft moment: one of the wonderful things about my promise to share cool 'craft' or art sites with you in celebration of national craft month is all the new and wonderful sites and blogs I'm finding... I hope you are enjoying the exploring.... because these fabulous femails are awe inspiring....   this site offers up tutorials, commentary, and one of my most favorite things... stunning photography either snapped by the author herself, or found shots decidedly in need of being shared.  enjoy.

what do you do like a girl...?

...scatter joy...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Terrific Tote!

In celebration of craft month I offer up Confessions of a Sewing Addict.  I was on the hunt for a tote/bag to utilize while working (a purse just isn't cutting it) and I was so excited to find this site... I DID NOT MAKE THIS BAG... this is Martina's fabulous work and pattern (which she generously shares on her blog)... so click and visit today!

In celebration of my find I went on the hunt for fabric today.... I found a hidden treasure in Menominee Michigan... a wonderfully fabulous quilt shop called Quilter's Haven.  The owner, Chris, is warm welcoming and has delicious fabrics and patterns (yes... I do buy patterns because even though I don't use them in the traditional sense, I look at the pictures and figure out the project.) She is currently remaking her website, but I'm going to share her link anyway...

The fabric I bought is gorgeous, don't you think?  These are for two separate totes....larger pieces are for the Tote Exterior and the smaller  for the lining....WooHOO!!!
what color is your tote?

...scatter joy...

Monday, March 15, 2010

En Garde!

For some reason this tangle looks to me like a swordsman, cape flying, shield wielding.... ready for the duel....

Please do not ask me to interpret Rorschach Inkblots... I have a feeling it would not be pretty... *grin*

this is for another swap... done on 130 lb cold pressed watercolor paper with micron .25 mm black ink...

... and to celebrate national craft month, one of my fave sites:

What puts you on your guard?

...scatter joy...

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Spring is fast approaching... one of my favorite quotes is 'bloom where you are planted' and one of my favorite blooms is the sunflower.  Here is my zentangle interpretation for a recent swap... this one is on its way to the netherlands...

And here is a link to a fun craft site to celebrate national craft month:
Cool Craft Site

How are you blooming...?

...scatter joy...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Celebrate Craft Month

I totally forgot that March is national (?) Craft month.... I love that there is a month devoted to the craft of crafts... ; )  I urge you to 1- make time for your favorite craft, 2- learn a new craft, and 3- encourage others to celebrate national craft month!

I, of course am celebrating the whole year since my 'theme' this year is 'awaken the artist'.... but specifically this month from here on out I will highlight one favorite craft site each day either in a post dedicated to that particular craft or as the final paragraph in the post.

Today I share with you a wonderful, wonderful artist and her blog that celebrates the paper arts.... I encourage you to visit because there you are sure to be inspired to try new things.   Ink Stains by Roni Johnson is a trove of delicious ideas.  She is also the author of the Teach Yourself Visually Collage and Altered Art.

What craft have you been wanting to try?  What are you waiting for???

...scatter joy...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

time for a tangle?

It continues to be my new favorite art form... I keep thinking about how I could broaden this beyond making ATCs and trading... and the sweet thing is... everyone interprets the same designs differently.  AND anyone can do this... these two I did while listening to a podcast with Doug Graham about raw foods and his book
80-10-10.  I think it looks like I was happy... (which of course I was.... and I AM...!)

To me: the tangle on the left looks like a curvy woman with a cape who is busy shaking and grooving... and the center looks like all the inner workings of a healthy body doing it's thing..... and the one on the right ???.... lol... well maybe it doesn't always have to look like something...  (although when viewed with the deep curve on the top it definitely looks like my luscious produce overflowing from a bag as I leave the market...!

what does your happiness look like?

...scatter joy...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hosting my first swap....

WELL.... I've decided to do it.... I'm going to 'host' my first swap.  I joined the Newfangled Zentangle Group on swap-bot and the founder, Tess, offered to make me an officer.  (It's a very official and everyone bows in my presence as I enter rooms....) ; ) 

Well, maybe I'm exaggerating a little.... but I DO get to post and host swaps for this group... so my first one is SPRING has SPRUNG... the challenge is to tangle your interpretation of that theme on a 3.5 square (typical zentangle size) and because this group likes to experiment with color and design it is not only encouraged, but embraced.  I can't wait to see the designs and hope that I can persuade people to send me pics of their creations for a later posting here!  (I will add my creation this weekend to this post... in the meantime here is a place-holder... one of the very first tangles I ever did on a scrap piece of paper)

If, after all my blogging on and on and on and on and on about zentangles you still do not know what they are, here is yet another link (compliments of Tess)  Beez in the Belfy

So I urge you to stop reading.  Put pen to paper. Do the Spring has Sprung dance of the of the tangle.

EDIT: oh guess what?! This is my 100th post WooHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! 

What color is your spring?

...scatter joy...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The second in the Inspirational Words series.  Harmony.

... with an eye made quiet by the power of harmony & the deep power of joy, we see into the life of things. --- wordsworth

How do you practice harmony?

...scatter joy...

Monday, March 8, 2010

... Balance ...

One of my favorite forms of art is word art... especially using inspirational or motivational words.  This card is called 'Balance' and is part of a set of two
(I'll post the other one the next post).
I had so much fun making the 'Skinny' that I continued with the same colors and techniques.  I'm going to have to make a set of inspirational cards for myself, I think....

How do you find your balance?

...scatter joy...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

who named them 'skinnies'??? and why?

Embrace Change.... this was for a private swap I did with one of my swapping friends on swap-bot.  She had to educate me on creating a 'skinny'. 

They are 3x5.... hmmmmm now I wonder if was supposed to make the art vertical vs horizontal...

I did this one in acrylics, inks, pens, metal, ribbon and beads.

Can you tell how much fun I'm having creating?

How do you spread your wings?

...scatter joy...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Swimming in a Sea of Tangles

This ATC was for a Zentangle group swap... sender's choice.  When I read my partner's profile I saw that she likes bizarre imagery and also has a fondness for animals.      
As this tangle unfolded itself it reminded me somehow of a cross between a rabbit, cat, and fish...

drawn on 130lb cold pressed water color paper (so far my favorite paper to draw on) using my Martha Stewart (yeah, I said it...) .5mm pen in peacock blue.

what do you see...?

...scatter joy...

Friday, March 5, 2010

alphabet of life e & f

"Express Thanks" and "Forgive" were the next two cards in this series.  For some reason, as much as I love the series, I'm finding it difficult to come up with things representative of the words... I try not to be too literal because that's just not a good fit for me, but it hasn't been easy ...

For this swap I thought I would challenge myself by using different mediums than what I typically do... so I used chalks, oils, pencils and pens.  My partner was from Michigan (my home state) and it was fun to have that in common.  She'd mentioned having lived somewhere warm and moving back to Michigan because of the winter, so I definitely had to incorporate that...

and the Forgive... well, I tangled the word and then of course I'm all about starting over.... so took it from there.

The Forgive ATC was difficult for me... I don't think I forgive very easily.... in fact I'm not sure I forgive at all....  That's not to say if we have a misunderstanding or disagreement that I hang onto it... I don't... I let that stuff go easily.... and I don't really even think there is anything to forgive...
But the BIG stuff.... the REAL stuff... I don't know how you do it.  I have had a couple things in my life happen that I will never forgive.... I can't imagine it.... 
How do you forgive?

...scatter joy...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

boy do I miss my boy...

When I'm home Bax keeps me laughing with his antics.... I was busily working on something out in the kitchen area when I could hear this very soft 'woof'       'woof'  (he was definitely using his indoor voice...).  As I peeked around the corner to see what he was asking for, here is what I saw.

He was posing perfectly and asking very nicely for his broccoli stalks (one of his fave treats) that were on the coaster on the glass table in front of him. 

What do your animals ask for?

...scatter joy...