Thursday, July 23, 2009

tisket, tasket, longaberger basket

I'm hoping to part with most of my Longaberger Baskets this weekend.... a wonderful friend is allowing me to leverage space at her storefront in Evanston for the Sidewalk Sales. Longaberger Baskets have been part of my life for over 25 years... OH MY GOD... lol... it seems a lifetime ago.

Another friend of mine commented when I told her of my plan, 'isn't it funny how easily we can let go of things that at one time were so important to us...?'

I'm celebrating the shifting and decluttering of my space (both internal and external)...

What shifts are you experiencing.... how does it bring you joy?

... scatter joy...


Monday, July 20, 2009

fabric coil bowl .... part 1

I'm very excited about the Craft Social coming up August 14th... the first one a couple months ago actually inspired me to start my blog... I met loads of fabulous women, had fun with a new craft, and had the best time ever... The energy was incredible.

This time I'm going to lead a table and the craft I've chosen is a fabric coiled bowl. I've previously done this with a sewing machine but am modifying it a bit for hand sewing because we won't have electrical outlets handy.... here's my first go.
I love the narrow diameter of the cord I used this time, but will use something slightly thicker for the actual event so that everyone can finish their bowl that evening at the social. Initially I thought it needed to be 'perfect' to show everyone... (sometimes that gets in my way in life, too)... so I took a deep breath and snapped the pics.... just as it is. ...

what is something that is difficult for you to like, just as it is.... what makes it difficult... how do you move through it....?

...scatter joy... lindy

pieces of life

It's funny how I've never been particularly drawn (or so I thought) to the new color of my kitchen.... except when I started to notice things that I already had on hand, I have begun to find that combo already in concert working its magic for me... the plate (orla kiely for target) and the hand crafted chain pull (local art fair) are but two examples.... and two more pieces of my collage...

It got me thinking about how often our souls (or subconscious) know long before we do.... we simply need to be aware of the whispers... be open to the possibility.... .... .... & allow...

I am working steadfastly to listen more closely to everything around me.... the energy is amazing.

What are you ready to allow in your life...?

... scatter joy...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

in the stone

I'm back to work... and listening & dancing in my chair to some of my FAVEorite music via pandora.... and if you've never experienced pandora before, I urge you to try it... and it's free.... right now it's time for some old school EWF (Earth Wind & Fire)... In the Stone... groovy.... !

.... Life experience a passing dayTime will witness, what the oleFolks say-getting stronger every day-

strenght is written in the stone-

Deep inside, our hearts for us To keep-lies a spark of light that Never sleeps-The greatest, you've ever known-Yea is written-In the stone ....

what is your strength written in the stone?

...scatter joy...


before & after

.... I see most everything in life as a journey.... whether discovering my own 'colors' or the true color(s) that are my kitchen... the more I understand this, the more I appreciate the process... and even when it's 'done' it really is only just beginning....

next up: lose the jetson-esque fan and swap with mini hanging pendants... a few choice pieces of pottery.... and a drum light over the dining table.... the dining table is out of the picture cuz the mound of stuff I'm working through has ended up there for now... lol... although I did make some headway with 4 or 5 Craig's List postings tonight.... yay me!

my space is truly becoming a reflection of the woman I am as well as the woman I'm becoming...

how does your space reflect you or your journey...?

... scatter joy...

Monday, July 6, 2009

what i did on my summer vacation...

Ahhhh summer vacation... I'm looking forward to a week filled with diy, decorating, cycling, watching 'the tour', grilling, Mmm... delicious wine... and fun. Here's what I've started... I'm about 1/2 way done. Love the color and can't believe I have lived with a color that I hated for 2 years just because I didn't think I could do it... I CAN DO IT...

what real or imagined limits have you overcome... how did you do it?

...scatter joy...


Saturday, July 4, 2009

one step closer

I can be somewhat impulsive at times (I call it 'decisive')... although not always with the best results... so... before I paint a WHOLE kitchen the 'wrong' color, I've decided to go with the advice of friends, family, acquaintances, ... basically EVERYONE, and paint swatches on the wall and see it in the different lighting.
I don't know that I would necessarily do this every time... no, let's face it, I KNOW I wouldn't do this every time... but this time, well let's just say I'm glad I did... the colors as they appear on the wall look NOTHING like their swatches... at least in my kitchen and in this lighting... lol

I have found the perfect color choice and tomorrow the transformation begins (today it's the preparation... aka making the existing chaos even bigger!

Happy 4th.

What new approach to something have you tried recently...?

...scatter joy...