Friday, April 9, 2010

Bookmark Tangle

You know I love me some zentangling.... ; )  so..... for this swap we had to do a bookmark.  I really liked how this turned out.... I wasn't sure at first because generally I keep my tangles in a smaller space but I took my time and didn't rush.... just went about it as I felt like it.  I used sepia toned pens on water color paper, charcoal for shading; the person I was creating this for loves all things vintage.  I had some great paper I used for the backing, too, that was an interpretation of an old pattern in blues and beiges...

tell you a secret??? i almost kept this one for me..... *giggle*

what do you use for a bookmark?

...scatter joy...

1 comment:

  1. What a beauty! I can imagine you could not part from it. It just has a pretty shape, never thought of that. I use a bookmark made of crochet. And I have several origami bookmark-corners at pages I often use.


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