Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Take a bite...

Yes... I'm obsessed... obsessed with enjoying my food while making my beautiful body as healthy as I can.... (see post below this one for one of my fave breakfast smoothies!).... so much so that I've gone and done something some might think is crazy.... I signed up for my first ever triathlon!!!! OH YES I DID!!! AND.... I started a blog called Tri-umphantly to journal my journey to the center of ME!!!!  If you are a fan of fitness or looking for a different approach or simply want to cheer me on (cuz hey, we can ALL use cheering ON!!!) then please click on the link and follow along.... glad to have you!

Enough about that part of me... on to my obsession with whole food fabulous and making ART!  So this piece was part of a set of 7 different ATCs that I did on a personal trade with someone from Swap-Bot.  She was doing zentangles of letters A-G for me and I had free reign... so I tried to do some fun things for her.  This one came about because she mentioned she liked to collect postage stamps and I had this great one from New Zealand.... and of course one of my very fave foods is from there.... I wonder if it's the color or the fact that it is one of the most nutrient-rich foods you can fuel yourself with that has my heart.....?!?

In case you can't decipher my sketches.... these are kiwi.  What a cute name... kiwi....!!! This is chalk, ink, pencil on watercolor paper... oh and let's not forget the ephemera....

What's the last thing you sketched?

...scatter joy...


  1. These kiwis are lovely! Congrats and good luck on the marathon!!

  2. I really like your lil illustration on an atc. Ive never got round to making those things! Good luck with the marathon!

  3. I love kiwis! Good luck with the marathon!! Wow! :)

    TheCreativePlace from sb

  4. so thanks for the love, gals... but I must confess... I'm not doing a marathon... lol... I AM however, going to take part in my first triathlon. ; )


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