Thursday, March 11, 2010

time for a tangle?

It continues to be my new favorite art form... I keep thinking about how I could broaden this beyond making ATCs and trading... and the sweet thing is... everyone interprets the same designs differently.  AND anyone can do this... these two I did while listening to a podcast with Doug Graham about raw foods and his book
80-10-10.  I think it looks like I was happy... (which of course I was.... and I AM...!)

To me: the tangle on the left looks like a curvy woman with a cape who is busy shaking and grooving... and the center looks like all the inner workings of a healthy body doing it's thing..... and the one on the right ???.... lol... well maybe it doesn't always have to look like something...  (although when viewed with the deep curve on the top it definitely looks like my luscious produce overflowing from a bag as I leave the market...!

what does your happiness look like?

...scatter joy...

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  1. It's really awesome work! You can print it as postcard. ;-)
    agnes from swap-bot (Comment on Craft/design Blog swap)


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