Friday, November 27, 2009

Cotton Candy Cable

I just finished the muffler with the cable stitch that I learned last Friday at our little craft get-together.... I LOVE IT!!!! Don't look too closely for the flaws.... they are too numerous to count... I chose to leave them in..... it adds a bit of character... ; )  If you know how to knit and purl you can learn how to do this, too... it's easy peasy!  And... bonus, I found the button in my stash......

Tomorrow... I'm going to tackle that big mess of a closet..... I don't know if I'll be brave enough to post a 'before' but I'll definitely show off my 'after'......

What is your 'before and after'?

...scatter joy...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kitchen/Dining Re-Do ---Continued

The make-over continues.... As I continue to refine the kitchen and dining area I decided to change the gorgeous green on the side board to a beautiful chocolate cream.... I mixed some chocolate mousse from the bedroom with some marshmellow from the kitchen to create this luscious color.... and changed the hardware from small pewter knobs to long brushed nickel handles.  I LOVE the result.... it now feels more like a 'sideboard' instead of a dresser...!

And... thanks, Jane, for suggesting the idea of simply unplugging the TV and storing in the closet when I'm entertaining.... I did that this weekend and it worked perfectly!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

girls night in

One of my favorite fabulous femails recently hosted a craft evening in her home.... the art of knitting was the craft dejour .... there were many highlights to the get together not the least of which was a reminder of just how incredible women are and how much I love the creative energy when we spend time together.

Fran also schooled us on the art of hosting.... she had a space all set up for our evening of crafting...and imagine our delight when each of us had 'prizes' waiting for us.... she stunned us all with individualized hand-painted signs, calendars, socks and gloves....

These thoughtful touches really made a huge impact.  We were all simply delighted.....   We feasted on vegan delights AND we learned how to knit (I learned how to 'cable stitch' and knit on circular needles.... )  it just doesn't get any better.....

How do you show your friends appreciation?

...scatter joy...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Craft Social Part II

Reduce, REUSE, recycle (upcycle)... 

A fun twist at Friday's Craft Social was the swap table.... people brought in their extras and everyone was invited to take what they would be able to use and anything left over at the end of the night was to be donated.  I could not pass up some great 'green' fabric.... it's upholstery swatches that will be perfect for the cell phone holders we made.... and the yarn... lol.... well, knitting IS my new fave, so how could I possibly pass up this yarn that is the perfect mix of my favorite colors (and coincidentally matches my favorite winter puffy vest!)

What is something old that you could make new again...?

...scatter joy...

Monday, November 16, 2009

My Corner of the Closet

As part of my ongoing quest to tame my small space I feel as though I'm in a constant state of 'reorganization'...  lol... this weekend I tackled the bedroom closet and dressers making the switch from spring/summer to fall/winter. There is something to be said for the feeling of 'new' as everything gets sorted.... 'Donate' and 'KEEP' are my two main categories.... very little gets tossed because even if a garment isn't wearable in its original form, it can often be recycled into fabric or material for something else.

And Baxter likes to help.... here he is sorting through my clothes on the bed... he ultimately created a very nice fort and promptly took a nap!

Best new 'old' find..... Charcoal flannel trousers that I'd bought off-season!  YAY!!!!   And if you hear me dare utter the words 'I have nothing to wear' please nudge me in the direction of my closet....!

What are your favorite season-changing rituals?
...scatter joy...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Craft Social Successes....

Well last night was Craft Social time again.... I really have so much fun at these events.  The women attending as well as leading are phenomenal.  It's worth it just to feel the energy and inspiration.  Last night I attended as a participant and was able to experience 4 different crafts.... !  I started at the doodle-icous table of Julie (visit her blog) made my way over to make a cute felt hair pin (thanks Krissy!), wandered over to the fabric cell phone holder table led by Jen and then ended up making a yo-yo holiday card led by another Jen (yo-yo mama!)  

and bonus.... I finally figured out a great gift to give my mom.... (but more on a future post!)

Well done, once again, to Jess & her fabulous friends for hosting a wonderful Craft Social!

What hand-made gifts are you making this season?

...scatter joy...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Day at the Beach with Bax

Sometimes you just gotta go with it.... today (and this weekend) we are being blessed with gorgeous sunshine and temps nearing the 70s even though we're entering the 2nd week of November... so home redesign be damned (oh yeah, I said it)... it's off to the lake we went for a lot of walking, running, and doggy fun in the sun.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

knit two, purl two....

I met up with a friend last weekend and she helped reintroduce me to a craft I've always loved.... knitting.  I started with a very easy project...... and have already completed it....!    Isn't it amazing how it can go from this.....                                     

to this?!

 Another fabulous friend has organized a craft evening in her home... we are going to be knitting a cowl scarf, simply perfect for the beginner.... Mmmm... I have to pick out yarn.  I think that warrants a trip to Sister Arts Studio......

My hint:  Choose an easy project, aka a scarf and make it a little on the narrow side (I only cast on 16 stitches...)... the benefit is it doesn't take long at all to see progress and that motivates you to keep going... and before you know it, fini!  Amy's hint:  If you make the scarf as long as you are tall, you'll have enough length to wrap or loop with ease...!  I made mine a little longer than that and I still didn't finish the skein of yarn.... !!!

What childhood craft would you like to rediscover?
...scatter joy...