Wednesday, April 28, 2010

hope, believe, create

I recently did a series inspired by the phrase 'manifesting kindness'.  The goal was to create 3 pieces of positivity and send it out in the world.

I wanted to create cards that were linked...I liked the idea of 3 pieces that were similar but different.

I love inspirational cards... I collect inspirational card decks.  Maybe one day I'll create an entire deck that speaks to the soul.  

I started with 3 playing cards, gesso and paint.  I added layers of old book pages and more paint.  Then I began adding another layer which included stamped words and images, metal on which I embossed, wire, and metal word charms.  I think I am finally getting an understanding of mixed media and collage.  I'm excited to continue the education of lindy!

What makes your soul sing?

...scatter joy...

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