Friday, October 9, 2009

purse pause...

Well... it's been just over 4 months and the thing we've all been waiting for has finally arrived.... (well, the thing I'VE been waiting for anyway....)... 4 months ago I decided I was going to create some purses.... I had everything... fabric, thread, and desire... the only thing I needed to find were the frames... and so I did. 

I found them online and ordered them.

and then I waited....
and waited...
contacted the company who said they had sent them and they had been returned (!) and they would resend....
and so I waited.    and waited.     and waited.
and then today.... ta-da... they arrived!  so just in time for something fall or winter-ish.... hmmmmmm... maybe I'll figure out something with a recycled wool sweater.... !!! And maybe this will be my first foray into Etsy....


  1. So miracles can and do happen after all!!!!

    Fran :-)

  2. lol.... yes.... and so my belief in the good of humanity (and internet shopping/sourcing) has been restored!

  3. YAY!! I cannot WAIT to see what you make. And yes yes yes, PLEASE post on Etsy! I love your creations Lindy!


  4. The reason I never order purse frames is because when I am inspired to make use of them, I don't want to wait so I move on to different projects. If only I had ordered them months ago, they would be here ready for use.

    Yoshi (libertunity from Swapbot)


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