Thursday, October 22, 2009

Needle Felting... Finally!

I recently discovered a gorgeous shop in Chicago called Sister Arts Studio ... the owner, Donna could not have been nicer.  I have been longing to take a felting class and she offers up several different options (who knew there were so many different kinds of felting techniques??) She has a seriously grand list of offerings for the beginner as well as advanced knitter, crocheter, needleworker, .... well, crafter/artisan.  I encourage you to check it out... in addition to adult classes, she also offers classes for kids & tweens and her passion is bridging the adult/child gap by offering classes aimed at building those relationships through a craft/artistic experience.

In addition to the classes, her shop boasts some of the most beautiful yarns I've ever seen...

And... drum roll, please.... here is my first effort for felting... it is a bookmark!  I'm pleased and dare I say, proud?! lol....  now you all know what your holiday gifts will be.... ; P

What small shop speaks to your heart?
...scatter joy...


  1. That is AWESOME! Once I'm done with grad school, one thing I intend to really finally learn is knitting or crocheting. I LOVE how it looks and all the fabulous items you can make doing one of the two.

    Felted book marks? AWESOME! You did a great job lady! It's so lovely!!!

  2. : ) thank you.... holidays... they are a'comin! I'll knit with you.


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