Tuesday, October 13, 2009


You know the mess that happens when you are re-organizing and re-decorating??? Well I'm in the midst of just such a mess!

I am seeing progress, however, and here is a bit of a 'before & after' shot of the open shelving in my kitchen...  isn't it delicious???  It's just enough to keep me motivated to work through the rest of the chaos....

What spurs you through your mess?
...scatter joy...

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  1. Seriously, I keep checking "inspiring" next to all of your lovely postings.

    I LOOOOOVE what you are doing with your space and how you are reclaiming it and transforming it.

    I look forward to doing the same thing with my space when the time comes. ;)

    It's so great to read about what you are doing Lindy - it all looks so fantastic!!!


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