Friday, February 19, 2010

What are INCHIES????

That was my question when I first saw the challenge on Swap-Bot. 

So, as is my custom, I did a search to see just what these things called 'inchies' are.  In the most basic sense, they are miniature works of art measuring 1"x1" and can be done using any variety of methods.  I still don't know what one 'does' with these little works of art... display them? collect them? keep them?  probably.  But I have a few other ideas as well... I think they are the perfect size for magnets, pins, and embellishments for larger works of art.

Here are my very first inchies...

I was so excited about these... I read the person's profile and saw that pink and black was her favorite color combo... and then, she has her own webiste offering her custom Tutus (it's great...if you have girls in your life, I think you should check it out!)... anyway, I assumed because she makes these custom tutus that she sews....... so several of the inchies focused on sewing.

After I completed the work I perused her profile one last time only to discover that she actually DOES NOT LIKE sewing.... arghhhhhhhhhh... how did I MISS that???? so I scibbled off  a note to her explaining my blunder and she was very gracious.... and she wrote back that her mom, in fact, loves sewing and that she was going to share those with her!

What have you 'missed' lately

...scatter joy...


  1. Sadie is awesome! I love her! Also, I've never made inchies, but I have received them, only they were already in magnet form (go swap-bot swappers!) and they are hilarious little things on my fridge.

  2. I've missed YOU lately.

    Does that count?

    Miss miss MISS you my friend! Your inchies so totally rock!!! LOVE THEM!

  3. I have missed chocolate cake lately :(
    -mariaisabel "comments on craft/design blog swap"


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