Monday, February 15, 2010

Sharing my Taste of Life

I am determined to change my blog a bit... as I find my voice and my focus I'm also discovering different ways I'd like to organize content.  So I'm on the hunt for a template that will allow me to have tabs or sections or some sort of categorization making it easier to find specific items of interest as well as keep me on track for posting a more balanced selection. 

Specifically my initial thoughts run towards weekly posts on the Life I'm Tasting:  The art I'm creating, the designing/decorating I'm doing, art/craft/diy tutorials, and easy choices for living a health*full life that are fun!

Because I'm new to blogging (less than a year at it) I am not sure of all the protocol involved, etc... so if anyone has any insight, feel free to send me a note... all help appreciated!  I'm not even sure if this is possible having a blogspot account....

So, keep on the lookout for changes.... and hopefully within a couple months end I'll have a new look and feel to the site...!

what changes have you made to your life recently?

...scatter joy...

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  1. My dearest - sad to say, what you are looking for isn't really easily (if at all) available for a blogspot person.

    You would first need to purchase your domain name, then purchase domain server SPACE (you can do all of this at then I would switch to wordpress...if you do a google search for wordpress templates, I bet you'd find a TON you could use that would be more like what you are looking for...wordpress is free, and moving all your data from your blogspot to wordpress I'm pretty sure is easy enough. I think there are web tutorials for such a thing even... I'd google search that or that for further info...

    I had to switch to wordpress and I was SO HAPPY once I did it. Much more customizable and much easier to use.

    Anyway...I hope that is a helpful starting point or some hints. I just looked up to see that it has been taken. is available...but would you want that to be your official website?

    how about that's avialable...or - I think that was available too...

    Just thinking of ideas my dearest. email/text if you have more questions. unfortunately I'm kinda out in terms of phone because I'm either at work, at school or working in my studio. le sigh.


    ps- you can even do what a lot of people do which is to leave a final post HERE that says
    "WEBSITE HAS MOVED HERE: [insert link]" and people will follow!!!


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