Friday, February 12, 2010

Sticker Art & a little more orange...

This ATC challenge involved using a sticker and building a theme around it.  (Most ATC swaps I've been involved in have had the disclaimer "and don't just slap a sticker on a card and call it done"... I'm sure it's necessary but it makes me laugh.  So this challenge was a bit tongue in cheek... I created mine before I read my partner's profile.... I was slightly dismayed to see she didn't really like the color orange.  However, I sent it along anyway   : )

What is your least favorite color? 

...scatter joy...


  1. I don't think I have a least favorite colour...oh wait, strike that. I think MAUVE is my least favorite colour. It's just very...grandma-ish and NOT in a fun, cute or retro way.

    But really, who wouldn't love some orange in their life right? I mean, especially if they get a whole bunch of cards sent to them in their favorite colours, getting one that stands out like yours will be a nice difference in the bunch!

    Love all your creations friend. You are amazing.



  2. My least favorite is green. I love the color scheme here! Did you use a piece of mesh on the bottom?

  3. Hey Lindy!
    Ok this post made me laugh you're too funny!
    I understand when they say "and don't just slap a sticker on a card and call it done"...
    But I think there are times when you can use stickers if you are creative with them!
    i like this ATC!I have loved both ATC's you sent me.Let's do a swap privately!Would you like that!?
    I love all the colors of the rainbow!
    Have a Happy Valentine's day!!

  4. thanks for the love, my friends.... I'm having fun 'awakening the artist!'

    I did use some 'mesh' on the bottom... it was from a liner that came in a box... when I was pulling it apart I found the liner and just knew I had to do something with it.

    and I would Love to do a private swap... I'll reach out and find out how we do that... thank you!
    ...scatter joy...

  5. I love all colours but it really depends on what the items/object is as it may not suit that particular thing. I hope that makes sense



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