Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Urban 'Loft'

As many of you know, one of my passions is design and decorating. I've been in the midst of re-making my space for quite a while now, and last weekend made significant headway... drum roll, please..... I now present to you my living space.

New sofa and chair in a mid-century modern style... gorgeous lime green slubbed fabric with button detail on the sofa... and the chair is a woven mocha ... both purchased from Stacy O's in Saginaw, MI. Also new is the TV cart (IKEA), the tables (which really are very very very similar to the style in Pottery Barn) that I found for a fraction of the cost on (gotta love the Overstock...) and the rug (one of my friends said that it reminds her of 'pepples' because of the size of the felted wool) is one of the softest I've ever experienced (also from Overstock).

The furniture pieces are slightly smaller scale so they don't dwarf the space... the tables, glass and iron to let the light and air dance through the room.

For me the key has been in visualizing what I'd like my space to look like... feel like.... and I wanted it to be a real reflection of me.... the woman I am today.

The best part.... I was able to make my purchases with the money from the items I sold that have been cluttering up my space that I was ready to release on Craig's List and Ebay.... and I sold my old furnture on Craig's List, too!

Baxter approves.


  1. That looks fantastic. The sofa is wonderful, it has a shape that will lat for years and years and not get tiring. And it's a great place for the dog to perch and look outside!

  2. I approve as well. Great, wonderful, beautious! So love how you redesigned your space making it YOU! Of course the new furniture is fab. Can't wait to see you tomorrow! xoxoxoxo

  3. LOVE IT! Again, everything you do Lindy - everything - is just so fabulous and SO YOU!

    Love love love love LOVE the couch. The whole ensem looks incredible!

    I actually took Monday and Tuesday of this week off to THROW STUFF OUT OF MY APARTMENT. Just get rid of it all...then the goal is repair and clean up what's left (hoping to reduce my stuff by 33% over two day...very ambitious, hope I can accomplish a lot) and then over the summer start with the reclaiming of my space and making it as I'd like it much like you have been doing with your space!

    SO INSPIRING! Seriously, your constant updates and remodeling of the interior is just sooo inspiring, just what I needed to get my act in gear.

    You are an angel my dearest. Truly.

    Love you!


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