Monday, February 8, 2010

Live Your Most Succulent Wild Life!

One of my favorite books is Succulent Wild Woman by Sark.... and so when I had the opportunity to take part in an ATC 'Book Inspired' swap, my choices was clear...

If you haven't given SARK a try, I encourage you to do so... her message of self-love and living a life of succulence is one we can all benefit from.

What does succulent and wild look like in your life?

...scatter joy...


  1. I love SARK. Thanks for the reminder. Time to scour the bookshelves!


  2. I too love Sark! Whenever I pick up one of her books, I feel inspired to do something impulsive and a little out of character. It's good for me!

  3. Oh yes, SARK is awesome!

    Like I mentioned a couple days ago, I love your blog! And while I've been overwhelmed by how time intensive the recent swapbot blog swap turned out to be, I am so glad to have found some amazing blogs. Yours is one of the tops! I look forward to your future posts :0)
    - candyn


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