Thursday, January 21, 2010

Where in the world is...

Marinette Wisconsin???? That was the question I was asking a couple weeks ago when I found out I'd be working on a project here. 

The Good:  The time I have in the evenings to basically be creative and artistic .... no excuses ... I AM awakening the Artist....

The Bad: I'm away from home sweet home, friends and BAX... and you KNOW how I'm lovin' my space these days... AND I'm only part way finished with the re-do....

The Ugly: Everything is so uber-dry.... I am looking a bit like a hag......  ; P

It IS the waterfall capital of Wisconsin (it has to be true, the internet says so...) AND I'm sure that summer and fall will be simply delightful here.... I may even bring up a bike!

What would you do if you suddenly found that you had no obligations every evening?

...scatter joy...


  1. If I had no obligations in the evening.. daytime.. whenever.. I would CRAFT! :) And organize, of course. I love to organize, it's just hard to FOCUS with little ones asking a million questions.

    My little brother moved to Wisconsin about a year ago. I've never been, though. Is it pretty?

  2. So far away!!! But awesome to have time in the evening to be CREATIVE! GO YOU!!! Great way to make use of your time away from all the rest of us! ;)

  3. Wow! Are you there already? How long are you staying? Don't you get to come back at all? (Hello, there's gonna be another craft social pretty soon, right?) It sounds kind of like a retreat have nothing to do but relax, craft, read at night. Sounds great!


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