Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Felting Fun and the Ugly I Received

I signed up for the Ugly Swap because I wanted to make one... wasn't all that interested in receiving one... especially because I'm trying to streamline and simplify.... but my partner really worked some magic... she created an Ugly in Green (I don't think she actually named it... hmmmm do you notice a trend here and my obsession with the naming of things???)  but... adorable it IS.... (Bax thinks it belongs to him but I've not given in (yet)! 

What would you name this little guy???

...scatter joy...


  1. He is so cute! I would probability name him after some green vegetable. Maybe translated in some other language. Some examples:

    Dutch -> French -> English
    andijvie - endive - endive
    spruitjes - Choux - Brussel sprouts
    sla - salade - salad
    prei - poireaux - leeks

    Or just the color green in an other language

  2. I would name him Fang.

  3. HE IS THE BEST! I LOOOOOOVE that Ugly Doll! He's soooo cute! I love the name Fang! I also love Choux, though I'm not sure I'm pronouncing it right in my head so maybe that would change my mind.

    LINDY- you've created a monster in me...I'm addicted to Swap-bot. (thank you ;)

    Your doll for doll swap was THE BEST!!! Love your new little guy...keep him for a while before Bax gets his teeth on it!!! ;)

  4. I know, right...I think I"ve named him Grune FANG...! and Bax hasn't been gifted with him (yet)... hehehehe

  5. This is krstawrdtravels from Swap-Bot, I found you via the blog follower swap. I love that felt guy, so cute. I would name him Nelson

  6. Nelson is an interesting name! Thanks for popping in!

  7. Hi, I'm katyboo from swapbot. I* love the monster and have tried to make one for myself recently, which has been living in my daughters room despite not having his eyes sewn on yet! Love your site, you seem very creative.

  8. You are super lucky to get something so ugly yet so cute. My ugly creatures always turn out ugly and not cute :(

    Yoshi (libertunity from Swapbot)


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