Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christmas Ephemera ATCs

I can't help it.  I'm hooked... so look at it this way... you will be able to watch me grow into my art.... ; ) 

These two were for 'Christmas Emphemera' ATCs in which we were to take old cards, wrapping, etc and use bits and pieces for our ATCs... I liked the surprise of using lime green versus a traditional 'christmas green' and really likes how some of the word images on the red actually look as though they are frosted with snow....

confession:  As I went to add the pics to this post I was already hesitant as I've made 'better' ones since I made these... which, then, gives me pause about why must I even judge... I can simply love them for what they are.

what does the word 'believe' conjure up for you?
...scatter joy...


  1. I love these and am glad you posted them as they are - beautiful!! I am cindykl from swapbot and am now following you too.

  2. Thanks, Cindy! I'm having so much fun discovering this art form!

  3. Hi Lindy,

    This is Pam (CrazyOldShrew) from Swap-bot. I'm following your blog now. I like your ATC's. :)

  4. Just popping in from the ♥I want BLOGGER followers♥ swap (beth619) I wish I'd seen this before I threw away all our Christmas cards from this year! How inspiring... I must try this!

  5. I *love* that you posted these Lindy! They're great! Like you I've felt hesitant to post my little works up on my site knowing I can do better or have done better or they aren't my best, yadda yadda...but then I think about how much I like to see other peoples progressions and growth and learning curve, so why wouldn't someone want to see the same from me too right?

    So I've just started posting away. And it feels good to post photos...and I'll be happy later on to have the work to show and compare.

    Your blog inspired me to really start posting photos much more than I was...you are so great about posting photos and showing us what you are up to - it's much more fun than just READING about what someone is up to. So, again, I must thank you for being a constant source of inspiration.

    Love ya lady!


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