Sunday, January 10, 2010

Radical Reading Nook Phase I

I have a funny space in my living area... it isn't its own room, nor is it really part of the living room.  Over the years it has served multiple purposes and most recently it was where the computer cupboard lived... but none of those uses were ever really the right fit...well, I finally decided how to design the awkward space.  It will be my new reading nook.... so here is phase 1 unveiled....

- new color on the wall ... it is called 'drenched in dew' (and I would really really really love the job of coming up with names for paint colors... ! Wouldn't that just be a fun job???
- new espresso floating shelves (expertly hung by my handy-woman)
- books newly housed and sorted a brand new way... by COLOR!!! this of course brings a whole new criteria when I'm deciding whether or not to purchase a book.... I definitely need more books in the blue and green color scheme.... *grin*

Keep watching as I unveil the next few phases....!

How do you organize your books?

...scatter joy...


  1. Hello!

    I am visiting from Swapbot via the "Be my blog follower swap."


  2. Hi! Another Swapbot visitor here from that same swap. :-) I love the idea of a reading nook - I also have a lot of books, but I don't really organize them ... they live on shelves and in stacks all over the apartment. It gets messy sometimes, but a home isn't a home without books! :-)

  3. Lindy, as always, your space looks incredible! YOU ROCK MY FRIEND!!! You soooo totally rock!

    Now...looks like someone you know needs to make you a book in either green...or blue...but then again, it wouldn't be for reading until you had WRITTEN in


  4. thankfully it is a 'multi-purpose' nook .... it could even be a 'nookie-nook'... lol!


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