Sunday, November 1, 2009

knit two, purl two....

I met up with a friend last weekend and she helped reintroduce me to a craft I've always loved.... knitting.  I started with a very easy project...... and have already completed it....!    Isn't it amazing how it can go from this.....                                     

to this?!

 Another fabulous friend has organized a craft evening in her home... we are going to be knitting a cowl scarf, simply perfect for the beginner.... Mmmm... I have to pick out yarn.  I think that warrants a trip to Sister Arts Studio......

My hint:  Choose an easy project, aka a scarf and make it a little on the narrow side (I only cast on 16 stitches...)... the benefit is it doesn't take long at all to see progress and that motivates you to keep going... and before you know it, fini!  Amy's hint:  If you make the scarf as long as you are tall, you'll have enough length to wrap or loop with ease...!  I made mine a little longer than that and I still didn't finish the skein of yarn.... !!!

What childhood craft would you like to rediscover?
...scatter joy...


  1. So great to see all your postings Linda. I'm just catching up and it's great to see you blossoming! I love the year of reclaimation of Lindy!

  2. hey sweet friend... thanks for dropping in... I love this year, too!!! Can't wait to see you guys...xoxox

  3. Hi Lindy! Had fun chatting with you last night at the craft social! Glad you stopped by my table. I thought maybe you made that scarf! It's great! I pretend to knit. I can totally follow a simple pattern if it's just a pattern for a scarf...tried to make socks once and it kind of looked like a sock but it was way to much work...and then I had to try and do it again. Never got that far! :)
    Jen - The Yo Yo Mama

  4. Hi Jen... Thanks for popping over.... it was great to meet you last night! I pretend to do quite a few things.... ; )
    Thanks for the tutorial on yo-yos.... They are happy and induce smiles...!


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