Monday, November 16, 2009

My Corner of the Closet

As part of my ongoing quest to tame my small space I feel as though I'm in a constant state of 'reorganization'...  lol... this weekend I tackled the bedroom closet and dressers making the switch from spring/summer to fall/winter. There is something to be said for the feeling of 'new' as everything gets sorted.... 'Donate' and 'KEEP' are my two main categories.... very little gets tossed because even if a garment isn't wearable in its original form, it can often be recycled into fabric or material for something else.

And Baxter likes to help.... here he is sorting through my clothes on the bed... he ultimately created a very nice fort and promptly took a nap!

Best new 'old' find..... Charcoal flannel trousers that I'd bought off-season!  YAY!!!!   And if you hear me dare utter the words 'I have nothing to wear' please nudge me in the direction of my closet....!

What are your favorite season-changing rituals?
...scatter joy...

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