Saturday, November 14, 2009

Craft Social Successes....

Well last night was Craft Social time again.... I really have so much fun at these events.  The women attending as well as leading are phenomenal.  It's worth it just to feel the energy and inspiration.  Last night I attended as a participant and was able to experience 4 different crafts.... !  I started at the doodle-icous table of Julie (visit her blog) made my way over to make a cute felt hair pin (thanks Krissy!), wandered over to the fabric cell phone holder table led by Jen and then ended up making a yo-yo holiday card led by another Jen (yo-yo mama!)  

and bonus.... I finally figured out a great gift to give my mom.... (but more on a future post!)

Well done, once again, to Jess & her fabulous friends for hosting a wonderful Craft Social!

What hand-made gifts are you making this season?

...scatter joy...


  1. Fun! It looks like you were on a blue kick that night! I was working on my yo-yos for my Christmas cards tonight. :)

  2. I do tend to do the green/blue thing... but I'm ok with that... lol ; )


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