Saturday, July 4, 2009

one step closer

I can be somewhat impulsive at times (I call it 'decisive')... although not always with the best results... so... before I paint a WHOLE kitchen the 'wrong' color, I've decided to go with the advice of friends, family, acquaintances, ... basically EVERYONE, and paint swatches on the wall and see it in the different lighting.
I don't know that I would necessarily do this every time... no, let's face it, I KNOW I wouldn't do this every time... but this time, well let's just say I'm glad I did... the colors as they appear on the wall look NOTHING like their swatches... at least in my kitchen and in this lighting... lol

I have found the perfect color choice and tomorrow the transformation begins (today it's the preparation... aka making the existing chaos even bigger!

Happy 4th.

What new approach to something have you tried recently...?

...scatter joy...


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