Tuesday, July 14, 2009

before & after

.... I see most everything in life as a journey.... whether discovering my own 'colors' or the true color(s) that are my kitchen... the more I understand this, the more I appreciate the process... and even when it's 'done' it really is only just beginning....

next up: lose the jetson-esque fan and swap with mini hanging pendants... a few choice pieces of pottery.... and a drum light over the dining table.... the dining table is out of the picture cuz the mound of stuff I'm working through has ended up there for now... lol... although I did make some headway with 4 or 5 Craig's List postings tonight.... yay me!

my space is truly becoming a reflection of the woman I am as well as the woman I'm becoming...

how does your space reflect you or your journey...?

... scatter joy...


  1. love your new kitchen!!

  2. pieces of pottery? Do share? From where? LOL

  3. silly... you should sign with your etsy store url....!


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