Monday, July 20, 2009

fabric coil bowl .... part 1

I'm very excited about the Craft Social coming up August 14th... the first one a couple months ago actually inspired me to start my blog... I met loads of fabulous women, had fun with a new craft, and had the best time ever... The energy was incredible.

This time I'm going to lead a table and the craft I've chosen is a fabric coiled bowl. I've previously done this with a sewing machine but am modifying it a bit for hand sewing because we won't have electrical outlets handy.... here's my first go.
I love the narrow diameter of the cord I used this time, but will use something slightly thicker for the actual event so that everyone can finish their bowl that evening at the social. Initially I thought it needed to be 'perfect' to show everyone... (sometimes that gets in my way in life, too)... so I took a deep breath and snapped the pics.... just as it is. ...

what is something that is difficult for you to like, just as it is.... what makes it difficult... how do you move through it....?

...scatter joy... lindy


  1. Following through is hard for me. And I'm still working on "working through it". ;) I find helpful friends [wink wink] are usually offering just the right advice or motivation to make me want to finish something and take things in (smaller) strides.

    I love the fabric bowls by the way - they are fabulous! I WANNA SIT AT YOUR TABLE! But I think I'm leading one...OH MY!

  2. Lindy, it looks great! Can't wait to see you at the Social! Thanks for leading this!

  3. I love this basket. Do you know of any good online tutorials for fabric baskets/could you post one?

    Yoshi (libertunity from Swapbot)


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