Monday, December 21, 2009

a merry mummy christmas!

I did it!  I finished my mom's christmas pressie and now it's on it's way to florida to arrive just in time for the festivities!

As many of you can relate to, each year it becomes increasingly difficult to figure out just what to give our parents for the holidays.  I came up with this idea last month while at the Craft Social... as I was learning how to make artistic doodles (aka zentangles) a million ideas on how to use this artform came flooding in... among them the brill idea I had for gifting my mumma.

As I reflect on my own life stories, it occurred to me that I really knew too few of my mom's stories and so what better way to get her to tell them to me than to present her with a 'journal' for writing them down.... including some touches of art throughout to keep it interesting.

It's easy peasy:

1. Buy a suitable notebook to use for the journal.  (I chose spiral bound because it will lay flat, and lined for ease of writing.)  I found this one in the clearance cubbies at Paper Source.
2. Modify and embellish at will (keep in mind how long it will take because once you start you'd hate to only get 1/2 way through)
3.Compile the thought starter questions and write them throughout the journal. ( It's much much easier to tell you a story if you ask me a question first, to get me started.)

If you'd like to use my questions to start from, just email me and I'll send you the file. 

There are so many stories we need to share with each other and this really is a great idea not only for our elders but also think about writing your stories now... as you live them... what a wonderful gift for your own family members and friends.

How does your story begin?

...scatter joy...

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