Saturday, June 13, 2009

Live Your Most Succulent Wild Life...

As you may be discovering, word art 'speaks' to my soul... lol... I know, a bit hokey, but there is just something about it... it is beautiful and meaningful and whimsical.... and one of my favorite word artists is Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy... aka SARK.

If you haven't heard of her or read any of her fabulous books, take a peek... they are deliciously unique. I love to play with my 'Living Juicy' cards. When sending a handwritten note (yes.... I absolutely LOVE to send notes/cards) I often will think of the person I'm sending to and pull a card for her/him... it always amazes me just how fitting the sentiment is.... sometimes I will pull for myself and I did so the other evening...

What does your card say...?

... scatter joy...



  1. that's fantastic! I need that card it!

  2. Hi Devin!

    I love inspiration cards... I love them so much I think I need to make a deck... Mmm... yes... I WiLL CreAtE a Wonder*FILLEd fabUlous deck for all the lovlies in my life... you ARE LOVED!



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