Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Everything You Need...

is inside yourself.

I don't usually wonder whether or not I'm able to do something... in fact, when I see a new art or craft item that I like, I'm usually inspired to 'Just Do It'. Part of the fun of anything is the journey... the anticipation... the process.

So I'm sending out to the universe my desire to re*CREATE a gorgeous little purse I picked up last week... I have the fabric,(see the pic!), have found the clasp handle... so now ... I just need to do it! Hopefully by next week... (first things first... the deck curtains I promised the boys... we've got a gorgeous latte chiffon for that!) ; )
when was the last time you did something you didn't know how to do...?

. . . scatter joy . . .


  1. It's been a little while since I've made something I didn't know how to make...then again, that's how I also sort of get involved in anything as well. I just go and try it when/if I can. I LOOOOVE that about art...about anything. As long as you do enough research to make sure you avoid causing harm to yourself or anyone around you - then you can just GO FOR IT and DO IT!

    Always a wonderful thing! Can't wait to see the curtains AND the purse!!! :)

  2. The boys are very excited! We can't wait to see you!!!!!


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