Sunday, May 24, 2009

Taste Life

Part of my quest this year is to reclaim who I am & discover who I am becoming. Like the layers of the paper on my decoupage bowl, sometimes there is something gorgeous hidden by other layers. The process has been mostly fun and always intriguing... I wonder why, after I'd worked so hard to find myself the first time, I let go and covered up my soul with layers...

One of the things I'm reclaiming is my love of the visual and tactile.... colors... textures... art in every day things... and of course, art in words. I created a bouquet of color in a mug that reminds me daily, to Taste Life.

How do YOU create the fun and unexpected from the ordinary? Share... let me know!

Want to recreate the look? Word Art mug from Paper Source; Felt Tip Marker Pens in a tub of 100 (they have shades and shades that simply are glorious!) by Paperchase, picked up from Borders.


  1. Thanks for checkin' out the blog! I'm having fun learning...

  2. Oh my goodness... I love your blog! I sat down to write a few comments and realized I just browsed through your entire blog. lol. Your character really seems to shine through your posts. I find your writing inspiring and your decor projects and artwork beautiful. I'm glad to have found your blog through swapbot, I'll definitely be adding you to my google reader! ~ candyn/swapbot


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