Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Art of the Ordinary

One of the things that brings me great joy is finding art in the everyday... I am striving to surround myself with art*full vignettes... whether in my workspace, my lounging space, or even the notebook I take with me to my meetings, there are objects that make me smile and are constant reminders that there is beauty all around me...

A recent piece of functional fun I created is my message board.... there are many different ways to create this or something similar from covering pressed paper board (available at your local lumber yard) to covering ready made bulletin boards... and loads of things in between... most cover or make these pieces of functional art with variations of fabric and ribbon... for mine, I chose to use this gorgeous paper from Paper Source this time...

What are some of the ways you put the 'fun' into functional art?

This piece is super low-tech... I didn't even bother to use a measuring tape... seriously, I went against all basic tenets of creating something... but I was really impatient and wanted it done NOW...

Want to recreate the look?

Total Time: <10>

Supplies: Whatever message board already on hand, begging for a makeover, favorite patterned decorative paper (I think I used 3 different prints although common sense would dictate to use 2 or 4....I've never been good at following directions, so I'm not sure why I insist on writing them ), 2 way tape, scissors

1- Take the board your bored with &

2- Figure out what configuration you want to go with this time (because if you're like me, you'll do this again when something even MORE gorgeous turns your eye...)

3- Hold up the paper(s) against the board and cut to the size you want to cover, maybe a teeny, tiny, bit bigger

4- Do this for as many sections as you are going to make

5- Use the double sided tape to secure into place (hint: start at a corner and then smooth across so you don't end up with wrinkles)

6- Cut one of the patterns into longer strips... aprx 1 inch wide (just eyeball it...enough so you can fold each side in for a clean line) and fold into thirds

7- Use double-sided tape to place in between the sections

8- Enjoy!


  1. I like the colors you've chosen (definitely Lindy colors). Maybe Baxter needs to have his bed recovered in the same fabric!

  2. Hey there Jeff... thanks for stopping by! Isn't this crazy??? lol

  3. I love the bold fabric choices. I try and make most of my art functional, like painted shelves, funky wall hanging that double as wall pockets, etc.

    Yoshi (libertunity from Swapbot)


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