Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cool... Calm... and Collected!

It is fun to 'watch' as the internal changes I experience play out in the external surroundings of my living space. When we feel overwhelmed or that we've lost control, it is often very evident by the chaos and messes that seem to overrun our homes.... of course, some of us are simply less orderly by nature : )

As for myself, my space continues to evolve just as I do.

Recently I created a great workspace from a nook... not only is it FUNctional, but I also find it beautiful to look at... This is another example of a collage... made from many different items I've collected, assembled together to create a 'whole'....

Many thanks to my wonderful handy-woman Sue... this would not have gone nearly so well without her!

What ways do you bring a touch of art or whimsy into your 'every-day'?


  1. Hi Lindy! Let me say again that I sooooo enjoyed meeting you at the Craft Social, and I love all your thoughts here. And your workspace, too. Doesn't it just make you feel so happy to have an area that reflects YOU and the things you like? After my week out of town following Craft Social, I reorganized my home office to clear up junk from the floor. Now I walk in and go "Oh!" every time because I'm so delighted to have the clutter gone, and surprised to see the floor. :)

  2. I just love this workspace!!

  3. I just love this workspace!!

  4. Jess... thanks for checking in on my blog! and look forward to continuing to share ideas and energy!

  5. R- thanks... I love this space, too. It makes me smile ; )


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